Pioneer in risk management and security development

Ahertava is a finnish company owned by its founders and employees. We are a pioneer in risk management and security development and work open-mindedly to provide new solution modelsfor our clients’ needs.We serve clients both in the private and the public sector.

Our approaches are characterized by a focused, analytical and academic outlook.We possess extensive expertise and experience in various reference frameworks, structures, approaches and regulatory measures.

Our experts have strong knowledge in research methods and statistics, which is evident in ourwork as we develop client processes, service models and cost-effectiveness, among other tasks. Our experts are academically oriented professionals with practical knowledge. We also constantly provide development opportunities for new talent.


The experts at ahertava represent different fields, but they all take pleasure in their work and have a will to develop. Our team possesses diverse professional experience and a cross-disciplinary background. Our team also includes an extensive network of leading experts and leaders in the field from both finland and abroad. We always assemble a team that matches the client’s needs to come up with the best possible solutions.

Expert services

Our experts are at your service in all questions related to risk management and security development. We have several experienced experts, each with strong expertise in a specific field. Read more about our services.

Data Protection (GDPR) Development Project
1990 €
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant Management System
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Data and Cyber Security Development Project
1990 €
  • ISO 27001 Standard Compliant Management System
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Risk Management Development Project
1990 €
  • ISO 31000 Standard Compliant Risk Management Process
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Quality Management Development Project
1990 €
  • ISO 9001 Standard Compliant Management System
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Occupational Health and Safety Development Project
1990 €
  • ISO 45001 Standard Compliant Management System
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Environmental Management Development Project
1990 €
  • ISO 14001 Standard Compliant Management System
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Training services

We provide a wide range of training services in risk management and security. You can also take part in training leading to a competence-based qualification or complete modules of a competence-based qualification through us. Our range of services includes permit training for various lines of business. We also provide tailored training. All our instructors are experienced, pedagogically qualified experts.

Research services

We aim to be a highly regarded producer of applied research in risk management and the security industry. We pursue this aim by working in cooperation with universities and research institutes as well as those operating in the industry. Providing research data and producing knowledge for decision-making and operational development are essential elements of our research services.



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