The experts at ahertava represent different fields, but they all take pleasure in their work and have a will to develop. Our team possesses diverse professional experience and a cross-disciplinary background. Our team also includes an extensive network of leading experts and leaders in the field from both finland and abroad. We always assemble a team that matches the client’s needs to come up with the best possible solutions.


Jyri Paasonen

Jyri is a doctor of laws and adjunct professor specializing in risk management and security development and research projects for implementing various standards and regulatory requirements and developing technological solutions.

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Heidi Heiniö

Heidi is an experienced security and occupational safety officer. She specializes in premises, environmental, occupational and personnel security.

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Harri Karjalainen

Harri is an experienced data governance expert with extensive experience ininformation technology with roles ranging from a service provider to a buyer and an expert. His strengths are his solution-oriented approach and documentation skills.

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Kari Helislahti

Kari has long-term experience of working as a security and risk management manager in safety-critical organizations. He specializes in risk management, comprehensive security, contingency planning and crisis management.

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Janne Murtomäki

Janne is an experienced expert in security systems. He specializes in premises security, emergency centre and security systems and their integrations.

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Jyrki Mannelin

Jyrki is an experienced lawyer. He specializes in data protection and quality management as well as contract law.

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Jukka Virtanen

Jukka possesses solid management expertise from international companies. He specializes in the development of management and operational culture as well as risk management.

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Kari Sutinen

Kari is an experienced entrepreneur in a lock company. He specializes in premises security, locking andaccess control systems and quality management.

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Mika Jusslin

Mika has diverse managerial and expert experience from international companies where he has worked for both country branches and european headquarters. He specializes in quality management, information security and technology.

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