Quality manager

The Quality Manager service is intended for planning, implementing, maintaining, and developing a quality management system. The Quality Manager will ensure that the activities are compliant with the ISO 9001 standard.


  • Administration of the overall quality management process
  • Risk assessment and analysis and determining the management measures
  • Internal auditing and participation in external audits
  • Production and maintenance of documentation
  • Training and its organization
  • Maintaining situation awareness and regular reporting
  • Organizing meetings in accordance with the annual calendar
  • Carrying out the management review
  • Advising and instructing the organization in matters related to quality management


  • Daily price for the services of a Quality Manager €990 per workday (VAT 0%)
  • Two days a week €4,990 per month (VAT 0%)
  • Three days a week €6,990 per month (VAT 0%)
  • Full-time Quality Manager €10,990 per month (VAT 0 %)

The monthly price includes all Quality Manager duties listed above. The work is carried out at the customer’s premises, where the Quality Manager will also be available to the organization. The service is always invoiced on a monthly basis. Possible travel and accommodations expenses are invoiced in accordance with the current guidelines of the Finnish Tax Administration at each time.


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