Risk management

Risk refers to an incident that may have a positive or negative impact on the realization of an objective. A risk may also consist an unused opportunity. Risk management refers to the activities carried out by an in order to eliminate risks and the resulting damage. Risk management includes the identification, assessment, and management of risks, as well as reporting on and monitoring identified risks and their management.

Traditional risk thinking has changed, and it is no longer sufficient to monitor individual uncertainty factors. Instead, organization are required to implement risk management in a much more systematic manner. The risk management requirements are based on the requirements of various laws, standards, and partners. To enable effective risk management activities, the culture and risk management competence of the entire organization must be developed and maintained. It is important to be aware of the existing level and operation, even if only for the legal issues regarding liability.

The implementation of risk management depends on the size of the organization and its operation, and the activities are naturally made proportional in terms of the operation and the risk level of the protect interests. It is advisable to use existing management schemes in the implementation, such as the ISO 31000 standard. This makes it easier to identify all the requirements and the management measures can be defined more clearly.

For many organizations, risk management may prove to be a challenge that seems quite complex in terms of management. Thus, it may be advisable to outsource this activity to specialists. Ahertava offers bespoke comprehensive services for risk management, which allow you to ensure that all requirements related to risk management are fulfilled.



Based on our surveys, our customers have been very happy with our service. For example, our customers have received the following benefits through our service risk management service:

  • More comprehensive risk assessment and management
  • Risk management process and documentation in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard ensures that all requirements are met.
  • Time management is effective and well prioritized, which means that time is allocated to essential activities.
  • A solid understanding of the importance of risk management in terms of your operation.
  • Projects are carried out in an efficient manner.

By partnering with Ahertava you can ensure that the risk management of your organization is implemented in the best manner possible. You also save time, allowing you to prioritize the activities that are essential to your operation and reduce stress, chaos, and unnecessary risks.

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