Data protection expert services


We offer comprehensive data protection expert services that are based on the needs of your organization. The expert service packages and the team of experts are designed specifically for each customer to ensure the best possible results.

GDPR requires each organization to take certain measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulation and legislation. Our expert services can reduce your stress and free up your time to be spent on areas that are more essential to your operation.

For example, our data protection customers have received the following benefits through our service:

  • Improved assessment and management of data risks
  • Certainty that the General Data Protection Regulation is complied with and the various regulations are met
  • Documentation in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Optimized time management: time is used effectively and in the relevant areas
  • Solid understanding of IT management in terms of business operation
  • Efficient completion of projects


We can offer the following data protection development project:

  • Assessment of the data protection within your organization in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation with a project team named by the customer.
  • A report on the current situation of data protection and the development measures.
  • Reviewing the model documentation for data protection and instructing the customer on how to revise.
  • At the end of the project, we will review the documentation produced together and the measures carried out.


The project includes the following model documentation compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Data protection policy
  • Data protection organization, roles, and responsibilities
  • Information sheet
  • Data balance sheet
  • Privacy statements and file descriptions for logical registers
  • Data protection annex to an agreement
  • Instructions for processing personal data
  • Reacting to data protection and information security incidents
  • Data protection and information security incident report
  • Personal data breach notification
  • Annual plan for risk management
  • Data protection team report


We offer the data protection development project at a total price of 1,990 euros (VAT 0%).

The model documentation can be purchased for 990 euros (VAT 0%). The model documentation is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

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